How to check if a Temp. Aqara sensor is connected to the HUB or a repeater?

I’m having a hard time trying to make a Xiaomi Aqara temp. sensor online … It consistently gives me 3 updates and than is silence in the radio. To start troubleshooting it I was wondering if there’s is a way to check if the sensor is connected to the hub directly (which is my intention) of if it’s connect to a repeater. That way I could start moving things around to get a better connection.

Any thoughts ?

Sorry for the newbie question.

Login to IDE at then go to your devices page, then select the sensors and look at the Next Hop field. This will tell you the path the sensor is taking.


You can check how it is connected through your ide (same place you set the device handler). Look under My Devices -> then scroll down to Route. This shows how it is connected. My Aquara humidity sensor was impossible to keep connected because it always routed through something, even when it is sitting directly on the hub. I could never keep it connected and have since abandoned it.


@IlanSalviano, I have plenty Aqara sensors, some do fell off time to time, but they do work mostly.
For repeaters I use a lot of IKEA devices, no issues then.

When paired it is worth to press a few times the button to make it stick, but usually the issues arise when the devices is on the edge of your zigbee network or you have some sort of jamming, like wifi or USB 3.0 connectors.
Putting device on the top of the Hub is not helping neither, just imagine when somebody is standing next to you and shouting…

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Hi folks… I checked it and no Next Hop or Route attribute is there… the closest thing I have is an Execute Location field… which says it’s value is Cloud.

I’m afraid I’ll end up giving up on it like @GSzabados did…

It’s strange because the device actually works… it joins properly… gives me 3 or so updates and then play dead :slight_smile:

My Aqara sensors are working. No issues. :smiley:

It should be higher under the last updated.

What version of the Hub are you using?

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Hub is V1 . US

Ah that would be why… V1 hasn’t received the FW upgrades that the V2 and V3 have showing the next hop.


that’s a bummer !! :-\ … no troubleshoot for me then !!!

What I did to try to improve the signal is to turn the hub to the sensor where the Zigbee antenna is stronger … I found it here ->

Desperate times requires desperate measures !! :slight_smile:

It’s not about the strength of the Zigbee, although that won’t hurt. It’s about how often the Xioami device checks in. If it doesn’t make the check in right in time, then the network drops it as being “non-responsive“ even if it’s only a few seconds late.

With the recent updates in firmware for the V2 and V3 Hubs, the situation has improved, but those updates are not going to be done for the V1 hub.

The best thing you can do is to get an inexpensive IKEA tradfri pocket socket to use as a repeater. For whatever reasons, these are more forgiving than most Zigbee repeaters (including most hubs), and these won’t mark it as “missing” as soon. These are very inexpensive when bought directly from IKEA and are available in most countries.

If you do get one,

  1. add it to your smartthings account,

  2. Then unplug your hub for about 20 minutes while leaving everything else on power.

  3. Then unplug any other Zigbee devices you have except the Tradfri pocketsocket And take the batteries out of any other zigbee sensors except the one that is giving you trouble before putting the hub back on power

  4. Once you put the hub back on power in that set up, your Xiaomi sensor should select the tradfri device as its “parent”, and that will help with the drop offs.

Each Tradfri device can parent at least 3 battery operated device, and maybe 5, I don’t know the exact specs for that.

  1. Wait about 30 minutes, then put all your other zigbee device is back on power and they will set up their new routes.

It’s tedious, and it’s not a guaranteed fix, but it may help. If you had a V2 or V3 hub this would definitely help, I’m just not sure on the V1.


@IlanSalviano, you might want to read this recent announcement as well.

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It seems like the most logical action to take now is to upgrade the HUB to V3. The device you mentioned from IKEA is not available where I live now (Brazil).

My plan from now on will be to upgrade the HUB to V3 and get aligned with the future of the platform and see if it handles better the Xiaomi Zigbee sensor. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to bring in a repeater.

The only decent one available in my region is this one here ->

Thanks @JDRoberts and everyone else for their inputs… really, really helpful !!

Will go back here once I get the new HUB and let everyone knows if my situation improved :slight_smile:

Hopefully there’s a migration tool or something to make my life easier :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not yet, but everyone Hope’s that there will be.
Make yourself familiar with the new SmartThings app.


Good luck!

Unfortunately, most brands of zigbee repeaters do not work well with the Xiaomi devices. :disappointed_relieved: The exception is the IKEA Tradfri.

I have heard that the newest versions of the Xioami Aqara line, the zigbee 3.0 ones, Don’t drop off as much, but I haven’t tried them myself.

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