How To Change Temperature on SmartThings App from Celsius to Fahrenheit

I had to rebuild my entire SmartThings smart home settings…everything due to an update wiping out all my devices. I’ve managed to re-install all but my Samsung Family Hub refrigerator but that is a different thread.

My problem is now my weather and thermostat are in Celsius and I want Fahrenheit. Yes my Honeywell T6 Pro is set to Fahrenheit and that is what it displays. How do you change this? I’ve looked everywhere and there is no place to change it in the app…

I replied to your other post in a different thread

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Find the “manage locations“ option. On an iPad, it’s on the three vertical dot menu at the top right, but it may be somewhere else on a different device.

You will then be able to change the temperature scale.

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Found it…Thank You!..the system thinks I live in Canada and not the US.

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This sounds like it should work, but it currently doesn’t. Looking at the developer console, it says

GeneralError: Rejected HTTP Response

I found an older thread. The instructions there worked! Note that the URL there now redirects to, which is much nicer. :slight_smile: