How to change my owner name in smartthings?

I have changed my Samsung account name, but my Smartthings owner name is not updating. How can I update my owner name in smartthings?

You will need to contact ST support for owner name of the location.

Are we talking about the ‘real name’ associated with the Samsung account here? So, for example, if your Samsung account was in the name of ‘Fred Bloggs’ and was changed to ‘Alf Scroggins’, you would still be seeing ‘Fred Bloggs’ in SmartThings?

If so I think that may be one for ST Support to deal with. I have only found that in two places (in your default organization where it can be changed, and in the list of users of your locations in the Client API where it can’t) but the whole business of authenticating with the Samsung account is a mystery to me.

Yes, that is an accurate description of my issue. Thanks for the input. I’ll contact ST support.