Changing the sensor device name

I’m not quite sure how to explain this and hope for answers. Recently, in using the Smartthings app, I had some problems with not receiving notifications. In a effort to correct the problem, my husband cleared the data and uninstalled/reinstalled the app on my HTC 10. When he reinstalled on my HTC 10, he logged into the app with his login information. Before that and at that time, it showed both of us as family members on the network. When I logged him out and logged into the app with my credentials, my name disappeared. The device was showing his name as the device name and when I tried to change it to my name, it also changed it on his HTC M8 phone. Why would it do this?

His log-in is probably the main account. Sounds like when he logged in using his account on your phone/mobile presence device it got attributed to him. You might have to go through the adding a user procedures again. You may even have to reinstall the app on phone or even delete the device possibly? You can look in the mobile app to see if you are listed as an account user. If you are listed, then you should not have to re-share/invite. At that point i would try reinstalling on the phone, signing in under your name and see if it will be attributed back to you before deleting the device.

I tried the uninstall/reinstall several times, deleted user, set it all up again, only to have his name in my phone. I changed the device name and it would change it in his phone too. I finally had to create a new account using a different email address to get my phone recognized as a different device. I am trying to make sure for the reason this happened to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.

With logging in under his accout in your phone it put the device (the phone) under his account/name. If you just use your account on your phone next time you should be good. Support might be some help in moving it back under your account also.

Log out of ST on your phone. In ST app delete your phone as a device ( From his phone or IDE) . Once your phone has been removed, then log into ST on your phone with your own credentials and it SHOULD then recognize it properly.
Tell hubby to stop messing with your phone LOL

I did all the steps you have suggested, with no resolution. I added myself back in by creating the new email and going through the steps. My husband is convinced the issue has been caused by clearing the cache on the app.