IDE Issues

I have a feeling something is going on or being worked on.

So check it out:

  1. I am logged into IDE with my primary account (email address)
  2. I am on the correct shard (don’t get me started - lol)
  3. If I goto Locations / Installed SmartApps, I see all of my SmartApps

  1. However, if I select SmartApps or Device Handlers from the Main drop-down menu, it is showing the name of a test account I created under a totally different email address that I don’t even use. It was created for testing Contacts

I’m not even sure how this is possible?

Even when I go select Location, it shows the correct email address and if I select that, it is my correct name for the account.

Everything is fine in the mobile as well. SmartApps are all in tact and displayable

So if anyone sees something wonky happening with IDE today, this is a heads up :slight_smile:

@slagle @Brad_ST can one of you guys take a look at this and see how this could possibly happen? I just wanted to hit you guys with it before it becomes a widespread issue. It was fine early last night so it has transpired over the last 12 hours. It’s not impacting me from an application perspective.

My SmartApps and Device Handlers are showing up properly. :slight_smile:

It happened some time between 7pm last night and this morning. I made sure to take screenshots before it reverts back just so they don’t think I’ve lost my mind.

So after that post, I went to Device Handlers and they all appeared correctly. Went to SmartApps, still showing the Test Account. Went back to Device Handlers again and it’s showing Test Account again. Strangest thing I have ever seen.

“Test Account” is the name of another account on your location. It doesn’t have SmartApps or Device Handlers. Are you possibly switching between the two email addresses? On your gmail the custom device handlers and SmartApps are displaying.

Hey Brad, had I logged in for the first time yesterday, something like that may have been possible. :slight_smile:

  1. I logging in to as I have almost everyday for a better part of a year
  2. Selected Devices - Check
  3. Selected Device Handlers - Failed
  • Showing the Test Account name across the top
  • Showing that I have no DHs yet
  1. Selected SmartApps - Failed
  • Showing the Test Account name across the top
  • Showing that I have no SmartApps yet
  1. Thinking that I’m losing my mind, I immediately select Locations - Check
  • Lake House shows correctly
  1. Selected Installed SmartApps - Check
  • Everything is there -. No issue
  1. Went back to Locations
  2. Selected Lake House
  3. Selected “the email address”
  • It is displaying the correct email address
  1. Selected the email address
  • All info on that screen is my primary account
  • NOT Test Account
  1. Repeated steps 3 and 4 again - Failed
  • The attached screenshot above for both DHs and SmartApps.


This was on my Android phone which I log into IDE on a daily basis.

This was from one Chrome Browser opened, not me jumping from tab to tab between two accounts. All from the same window

As for that Test Account - This was created on another machine on Windows over a month ago and it was used for testing Contacts within SmartThings. I logged into it for a day or two in 2017 (Early December maybe).

I have not logged into that account since then and never on this phone, ever.

I saw Zach responding to folks over in the beta thread this morning and knowing that I had signed up last night, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a bigger issue that would impact me if upgraded so I mentioned it to him. While I was corresponding with him, I was repeating these steps in IDE over and over from the single Browser single, single account, from the single Main Drop Down Menu:

  • Locations - Check
  • Hubs - Check
  • Devices - Check
  • SmartApps - Failed
  • Device Handlers - Failed

I also went into the mobile app and checked in My SmartApps under Marketplace to make sure that ALL my custom SmartApps still displayed and that was fine as well

Somewhere around 30 minutes or so after he stated he had passed this on to you guys, I simply logged out and from the same browser logged back in again and went straight to Device Handlers and SmartApps and everything was fine. So I sent a reply to Zach letting him know. I didn’t know if anything was performed on the backend by you guys or not.

This may or not be relevant to things, but a day after the major outage last week, anytime I logged into IDE I was being forced to login twice on two different screens. I have screenshots of all that as well.

  • After entering email address and Next
  • Putting in password and log in
  • It would take me to a second screen to enter email address, password and the verification letters from the two pictures at the bottom
  • I didn’t fat finger my password - These separate screens started the day after the outage
    @arnb reported the same thing in a topic

There are a lot of people out here in the community that know from my hundreds of posts about using when logging in to make sure you are redirected to the correct shard, so I know that they will attest to this. Now I bypass the account.smartthings… part myself knowing that i belong to na02-useast1, but I don’t overlook stuff like this and like you, I questioned myself, did I possibly login to the incorrect account? No, it wasn’t possible in this case and especially isn’t possible from selecting from the logged in account from the drop down menu.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I wanted to document steps by step what was occurring when this was happening as I don’t possibly see how this is even possible that it could occur, unless something on the backend got crossed up and somehow someway, the secondary account somehow got pointed as the primary for the Device Handlers and SmartApps pages? I can assure you that this was 100% not self induced or end user error here. Same process I follow everyday and nothing done differently from yesterday.

It’s resolved now, but if this does crop up again or someone else reports this, I just wanted it out there so you guys are aware of this unique and what I am calling impossible idiosyncracy to occur.

I admittedly did not read the entire wall of text above but there was a login on your other account this morning. I know you said you haven’t logged into that account since January and not on that device, are you logged into it on a different device?

I just logged into it from another device.

I’m going to unlink and delete that account.

I appreciate you guys looking into this Brad.

I am befuddled as to who would have been able to login.

For the sake of security, I have removed the account from my primary and closed/deleted the account via Samsung website.

And have changed my password for my primary.