How to Change Light Color Based on Multisensor event

I have been using the SmartApps for Laundry and Mail and they work great. I have a RGBW Light that I want to be able to change colors of or flash when one of these actions take place, but can not figure it out at all. Any ideas?


I have been trying all day. I have an Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light Bulb, Gen5. I can control manually, but I really need this to be able to turn on and switch a color when laundry is done or something similar. I bought it to use as a notifier. I want the default color to be cool or bright white so I can still use it as a regular lamp. I know this is possible, but I can’t figure it out at all.

Would be greatly appreciated for some help from someone more knowledgeable.

Any luck with this? I would like to have my LED RGBW lights with Fibaro RGBW controller change to white light when motion is detected and back to Red after its not detected (using red during christmas season.)

Not sure how you would do it with Fibaro, but I use Notify with Hue for Philips Hue Lighting for controlling colors on my Hue bulbs.