Smart Lights Not Working With Turn On & Set Color

I recently got a Google Home (it’s pretty amazing by the way even with it’s limited services). With that, I obviously connected my SmartThings to it and it has made my life super easy.

Though, what about Routine triggers? I found a nice little workaround in the community here, setting up Simulated Switches and using IFTTT to trigger the switch, ultimately triggering the routine.

Though, I have one issue right now with Smart Lights (what I have listening for the Mode changes). It works great with all of the non-RGB(W) lights. They turn on, go to the correct dimming percentage, etc. Though, for my RGB controllers (I have multiple Fibaro RGBW Controllers and one Aeon RGBW Light Bulb), they don’t do anything. They don’t turn on, they do not dim, they do not change colors - nothing happens even when the rest of the lights on the same Smart Light automation trigger.

Is this a bug or maybe just an oversight? Am I doing something wrong or is there another SmartApp that will allow me to do all of the same things, yet actually works?

Bump, anyone have any suggestions?

Same here. I have the same devices you do and I haven’t been able to get it to work with “turn on & set color”. I ended up just creating my own app to workaround the issue.

Thanks, I might have to do what you suggested and customize mine. I think there is an issue with the Fibaro RGBW Controller device type I have. It works via the mobile app, but it doesn’t always work with my Google Home integration either.