Turn on lights with presence, turn off after delay

Mode = Night, and Night = 6pm. I have a routine where if wife’s phone arrives after 6pm, lights A and B will turn on
Ten 10 minutes later, I would like A and B to turn OFF automatically. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.


@usnavy1610 The Core engine is probably the best way to do it. The ST light automation allow it to be easily turned on but does not do the delayed turn off. My experience with presence sensing has been mediocre (both with phone and fob). I actually trigger now with a open/close sensor and it works better.

That’s not true. Mine are set up w/ the Smart lighting app. There is a switch for “Turn off after motion stops” just below that there is an entry for how many minutes to wait.

So I have two rules tied to my Modes Night and Moring set up with motion, dimmer level and turn off times.

But yes… if you want more flexibility in your rules, go with Core.

@logeox Good point. I just don’t think you can do it with mobile presence and a time delay. Motion can for sure and an open/close sensor maybe. I guess it all depends on the trigger…

You can also have them turn off after 10 minutes as you asked right in SL. Under trigger select power allowance and then set the time.
This is a separate rule from the turn on when arrives.

Yea, I dont really see the need for presence in this setup, but its down to preference. Yea, doesnt seem to be a timer for presence arrival. Most people would like to illuminate for everyone when they come home when its dark. So my setup is tagged to run when motion(motion sensor is in the foyer) is detected between sunset and sunrise. Then turn off after 15minutes of no motion. This could also be triggered from door contact. But yea, if you wanted to add presence to that mix it got to be Core.

You can create a piston in CoRE to turn on your lights and turn off after a set period when your wife’s phone arrives home. I, like others, prefer using contact sensors but a phone presence sensor will work.

phone sensor presence changes to present
time is between sunset to sunrise (you can use whatever time frame you want to set or leave this out and use modes in your tasks below)

Using lights a & b…

  • turn on
  • wait 10 minutes
  • turn off

Or as some have suggested… the Smart Lighting App will work as well. There is no right or wrong answer - only choices. :slight_smile: