How to add Switchbot to Smartthings?

I’ve been toying with the idea of front entry gate automation for the past three years. It seems now it can be easily achieved with the pushbuttons like Switchbot.
I ordered both Switchbutton hub plus and a button pusher, the first hub would not work, it would not power up, so I got a new one exchanged. Now I have both hub plus and a button working fine, however, I have NO IDEA how to add switchbot to the smartthings?
How do I add Switchboot to the Smartthings?

It cannot be directly integrated, but it’s easy to use the IFTTT channel

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Thank you, I was able to add Alexa to the switchbot, however, still can’t figure out how to add smartthings via IFTTT. I understand I need to activate IFTTT in the switchbot, than I pick a " Add a new applet", i choose Smartthings under the list of the applets, but there is nothing I can do after that.

You also have to add smartthings to your IFTTT account. See the following:

After that you’ll be able to use SmartThings as either the “IF“ or the “that“ in your IFTTT outlet.

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Sorry, for being such a challenged PITA, but does anyone know if there is how to videos?

Hi, you can check this video . Please feel free to reach if you have any question about SwitchBot. :slight_smile: