Virtual Switch to Open Gate via Switchbot, What are Your Suggestions?

Just yesterday installed Switchbot and it looks like a perfect solution for my front gate. I’ve linked Switchbot with IFTTT and Alexa and now I can say Alexa ask Switchbot to push “gate”. It works fine, however, I would like it to make more human friendly and simply say Alexa open gates. I’ve used “Virtual Device Creator” from the market to create a virtual switch. However, this is where I am stuck, what do I need to do next?

Is your ST account linked to IFTTT already?

Great THANKS to JDRobers who guided me on how to do it. For those who will follow the same issue/request in the future, here are the steps I took:

  1. Open Switchboot account
  2. Install Switchboot app and ensure your hub plus and switch working
  3. Install IFTTT app
  4. Add Switchboot to Alexa (there is a video for it
  5. Link your Smartthings account to IFTTT (via services tab in IFTTT). Took me a bit to figure out the difference between services and applets
  6. Create a virtual switch in ST call it anything - Open Sesame
  7. Create a routine in Alexa: “Alexa open gates” where Alexa turns on virtual Sesame switch
  8. Go to IFTTT, create a new applet: IF Smartthings Switch On virtual button Sesame than Switchbot press “Gate”

I thinks this is about it.

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