Alexa Hub in Smartthings?

Hello All! I have a question about the integrated smartthings hub in my Alexa Speaker. I am trying to create a virtual switch that I can trigger with IFTTT, I participate in OhmCOnnect which is an energy saving program that pays me to turn off my devices. While it has ifttt integration for individual plugs, triggering an alexa routine would be faster and more reliable.

However, when I follow this tutorial:, I cannot move past the device creation because I do no have a hub. I have the alexa that has the integrated hub, but I have no way to register it to the classic smartthings app (nor can I find a way to add alexa to smartthings from the smartthings app). What am I doing wrong? Is this even possible? Do I have to buy a hub just to do this? TIA!

ETA: I’m not 100% sure my hub in my Echo Plus is a smartthings hub, it doesn’t specify. Regardless, the only reason I want to use smartthings is for the virtual switch, do I really have to buy a hub to get this to work?

I took a look at that tutorial. I’d suggest two things:

  1. Don’t login to, login to to make sure you end up in the right place.
  2. Don’t worry about not having a hub, the device shouldn’t need one.
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Wow, that was what I needed! Just changing the location worked. Thanks so much!