Adding more hue bulbs not working

Hi i have my hue bridge added to my Smartthings hub but i am having difficulty adding existing bulbs to the smartthings hub, the hue bulbs are already added to the hue bridge but can not find any way of adding the new bulbs to smartthings. I do not want to uninstall the hue bridge from my smartthings account and re-add it.

Regards Harrison Hughes

In the SmartThings App(s) just select “Add a Thing” and press the button on the Hue Bridge.

If a Hue Bridge is on the LAN, SmartThings “super lan” module always instantly searches for new bulbs and adds them as named in the Bridge.

Sorry what do you mean by "In the SmartThings App(s) just select “Add a Thing”

In SmartThings Classic App, for example., go to My Home and hit the big plus :heavy_plus_sign: sign.
Then immediately hit the button on your Hue Bridge.

i.e., as if you were adding a ZigBee or Z-Wave device.

Thank you for your help! Just tried this still cant get it to work?

Any other ideas ? This seems really difficult just to add a light bulb.

Try rebooting your wireless router, hue bridge and ST hub :slight_smile:

Still no luck

For some, adding hue bulbs can be a hassle (a search on the forum will show that). Do you have a raspberry pi by chance? If yes, try turning it off and search for your hue bulbs. There have been some who have reported it can take up to 24 hours or more before the lights finally appear. Also, you haven’t Installed any third-party hue Smartapps in the ST app by chance that could be causing a conflict.

I dont have pie but i am using smartlighting smart app

Smart lighting would not have any effect

so strange

Again, some users have difficulties and find it frustrating. Keep an eye on it and wait a day or so to see if they appear. Try Add a Device and just let it search for awhile. Also, you did look in your list to make sure they didn’t automatically add without you noticing?

Yes i did look nothing there, thank you for all your help