How to add discontinuous values as the preferences item's input?

Hello, everyone:
Here in my DTH, A preference item has inpu value(0–99 and 255), How to set ?
Normally, to the continuous values, I use the parameter “range”, but here they are discontinuous values.
I figured it might be possible to do this with a dropdown list - but that looks bad, right?


Discontinuous ranges are not supported, but you can do the following:

  1. When you check the setting value, validate it is inside the accepted values
  2. Or separate it into two different settings, one for range 0-99 and the other to enable/disable (boolean type) the max value and apply the corresponding conditions.

Note: Please, remember that a DTH (Groovy-based) is part of the legacy platform and will become unavailable at some point. Once this happens, your customers won’t be able to pair their devices with the DTH, only the default generic Edge drivers.

Take a look at these announcements:

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I’ll try it as you said. I’m glad to hear about the Edge drivers - I’ve been busy with other projects for the last few months and haven’t browsed the forums. Maybe next time I can jump into the Edge drivers development entirely!

Here I started the PR three weeks ago, but there is no any response till tody:
DevWs for NIE-TECH CO., LTD. containing containing Z-Wave Dual Switch by sky-nie · Pull Request #78770 · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub
I also send an email (the email was replied ), but the PR is still not handled.
What should I do? Our products are about to ship. But the DTH is blocked here.


I’ll ask the internal team to see if they don’t have a pending communication with you. We also received your ticket in where I replied to you as well.

Just as a reminder, here’s the announcement of the Groovy sunset:

Following up, @chenjun.
The internal team has contacted you, please check your inbox and continue the conversation there with them.


@nayelyz :The time was 2 am when they contacted me. Since it’s bedtime, I put my phone on silent.So I totally missed the connection.
What should I do now? I figure that even if I can wait for them at night, I can not do anything because it is off-hours and all the related equipment and products are in the office.

As we’ll discuss private info. Please, check my last reply in the email to and we’ll continue there.