[Edge] Device Preferences | Dynamic enum option value

Would it be possible to dynamically populate the options value (key1, key2, etc) in Edge?

In the groovy way, it is possible via SmartApp.

If is not possible, do you have alternative way of achieving this? or have to use custom capability?

  "title": "string",
  "description": "string",
  "required": "boolean",
  "preferenceType": "enumeration",
  "definition": {
    "options": {
      "key1": "string",
      "key2": "string"
    "default": "string"


So far, the Device’s preferences cannot be configured dynamically or changed within the driver.
That was also the behavior of a DTH.

A custom capability’s presentation cannot be changed dynamically either, @blueyetisoftware mentioned he saw that somewhere but it’s not certain how they did it.

If you create a SmartApp Connector which is similar to the integration of Groovy using SmartApp + DTH but without having two separate files.
You can set the options to the configuration dynamically but the device execution would be in the Cloud (I’m guessing this is a LAN integration, right?)

Yes. This is a LAN integration.

Are there any plans to allow the driver to populate the enum values in device preferences, in the near future?

I will check with the team and get back to you.

Take a look at the post below, if you already know all the possible values of your list you can filter them dynamically using a custom capability:

+1 on this question/feature request