How to Add 2nd Gentle Wake-Up Automation

I have located the Gentle wake-up app (Menu => Labs) and have successfully set up one automation. Now I want to set up a second automation in another room with a different start time for the sunrise simulation. How can I get a new, blank instance of Gentle wake-up to do a separate automation?

It doesn’t appear to allow separate distinct schedules. Seems like a single schedule that can control multiple devices.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is what is looks like to me, too, but I was wondering if there was some workaround.

Might be late but i found that the tp-link kasa kl135 smart bulbs have a ramping feature built into the light’s firmware.

The 1000 lumen bulbs aren’t 1000 lumen though but they will do

It’s sad that smartthings hasn’t built a real ramp up action that can be controlled in a routine. I have a wake up routine that runs conditionally based on a virtual switch. If I’m off or on vacation i just turn that switch on and the entire wake up routine won’t run.

If they are looking at interest based on installs that may be why people aren’t installing the gradual wake from the labs…


I am going to amend my “the lumen output will do”

It’s sad. Finally find a bulb that has the functionality and it isn’t as bright as it says it is. Might buy lamps that take two bulbs or go back to hue and make cascading routines to step up the brightness. That would suck but it would work.

Ooooor i learn how to build an edge driver that does this