A couple of questions about the Gentle Wake Up app

I have a couple of questions regarding the Gentle Wake Up app. Firstly, is there a way to set the app up to run at a certain time of day during the week, but also have it set up so that it DOES NOT run if the mode is set to away? I have no need for my lights to be turning on automatically if I’m not home for whatever reason.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that when I have this set to ramp up the ceiling lights in my bedroom over the course of 30 minutes there is a spot during this process where the bulbs in the fixture flicker until it ramps up to the next brightness level. Would this be an issue with the switch (using a GE z-wave dimmer switch). I’ve actually replaced the fixture in that room for unrelated reasons and it still does that which is why I’m assuming it’s an issue with the switch and not the fixture.

Any assistance with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated.