How to: Activate Hue scene when walking under Nest Protect?

(Frank Reymenants) #1

Hello fellow ST fanatics :slight_smile:

I’m new to all of this but with the help of this community and plenty of thinkering I already got plenty of exciting stuff working.

Latest thing I want to do is have a Hue scene activated when I walk under a nest protect. I have scenes working in ST and I have added the protect via code I found ( but I can’t seem to use it for any automation.

Do you guy’s have any idea?


This is not currently possible due to a limitation on the Nest side. The path light motion sensor is not exposed in their API. The nest protects actually only communicate 2 to 4 times a day unless there is an active alarm. The path light feature is entirely internal to the device, and works the same way any nonnetworked motion sensor light works. So the nest protect doesn’t tell anyone else that it detected motion.

You can get in touch with nest and let them know that you would like to see this feature, but until they enable that communication from the device, there’s nothing you can do from the SmartThings side.

Instead, you would need to add a SmartThings controlled motion sensor to cover the same area.

(Frank Reymenants) #3

Thnx, I’ve used a multi purpose open close sensor I still had laying around.