How to achieve alexa searching for content on apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube on Samsung TV

I got a 55QN83BA Neo QLED Samsung TV and an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot. They’re already linked via SmartThings and Alexa App, so currently I can “Alexa, open Netflix” or “Alexa, turn TV volume up to 20” for instance. It works. But when I try to “Alexa, open Bird Box on Netflix” or “Alexa, open The Office on Prime Video” it doesn’t work. Instead, it says “Getting The Office on Samsung provider” and it searches on Samsung TV Plus, I guess. It just ignores the words “Netflix” or “Youtube”, “prime video”.

Okay, but why am I posting this here? Because I want to be able to develop something that performs what I want. But I’m saying develop “something” because I don’t really know what I should code. Is it a

  • Alexa Skill?
  • Smart Things Platform for developers?
  • Samsung TV / Tizen application?

I just wanna be able to get Alexa to open what I want in the App that I’m requesting, Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, whatever.

I’m not affraid to code, as a matter of fact I love to code. So what I need is suggestions of what should I develop to get this job done.