2019 Samsung TV

I just purchased a 2019 Samsung TV (RU7100 43") and I am trying to integrate with SmartThings and Alexa. It works in the new SmartThings App, but not the old App. The old app sends commands, but nothing happens. The TV was added to Alexa as a SmartThings device, and seems to accept my request to turn off the TV, but nothing happens. All of my other SmartThings devices, including my Samsung soundbar, work in Alexa.


  • I thought the 2019 models supported direct Alexa integrations, but I have not been able to make that work. Is this only available on OLED models?
  • I do not care if the TV works in old or new App, I only want it in SmartThings so I can control using Alexa. Any idea how to make this work?
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The televisions only work with the new app now.

If you’re looking for help with Samsung brand appliances, vacuums, or televisions, including how they work with the “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app, see the official support forum, which includes assistance from Samsung staff, and you will probably get a quicker answer. :sunglasses:


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