SmartThings skill enabled but not showing up in Alexa TV & video settings

Hey team

I’ve enabled SmartThings on the Alexa app, and Alexa can turn my Samsung 2020 Frame tv on and off, increase the volume and tell me weather. But when I ask Alexa to turn on Netflix is says I need to enable this in the Alexa settings under TV & video.

When I go into the TV & video settings, SmartThings does not show up as a skill. Has anyone had similar problems? Has anyone worked out a fix, to add SmartThings into the tv & video settings?

Hey there! @Sonny_Ngatai, Welcome to the Community!

Thank you for confirming that you have enabled the Smart Things Skill in the Alexa App and are able to control your Frame TV Model. Have you ensured that Amazon Alexa is showing as a linked service in the ST App? I would confirm that the services are linked and Netflix has been downloaded to your Smart Hub Menu on the Samsung Frame TV.

It appears you would need to reach out to Netflix App Developers if the symptoms persist, as the integration with your 2020 Samsung Frame TV is functioning properly. Upon browsing the TV & Video settings in Alexa App, there is not an option for Netflix in the list.

I have located these two articles for Netflix Commands available with Alexa, Also included a link for compatible devices that come pre-loaded with Netflix such as certain echo show models.

I hope this message finds you well!