Life360 presence and automation

I realized that SmartThings currently does not allow for account level permissions when it comes to adding additional users to your locations. To get around this, I saw that you can use Life360. Went ahead and signed up for it, it beats Find My Friends in any event…

That being said, after connecting ST to 360, I noticed that all of the users I have in 360 show up as things in the ST app but they all show Present as well. Of course none of these people are here right now. Why would they show up as present?

Also, can I key automation events based on when specific people come into my geo fence or when all people leave the geo fence?

Ive see the same issues lately with 360 ST integration. Didnt used to have those issues. TO clear them out, I run thru the 360 smart app setup in ST. This seems to pool the 360 status. Unfortuanlly I have to do it every once in a while. I set up a Special Group for ST in Life 360 for only the residence of my household. Yes, you can set up special operations for both options. I currently have my doors set to lock when any one user leaves the geofence. So they never have to fool with locking the door.

What’s funny is three of the family members haven’t even installed the 360 app on their phone. In fact they haven’t accepted the invite. Why would it say they’re present?

Makes no sense at all.

What does the life360 app actually show you? This is where it should be reading that data from.

The Life360 app is always correct. And I dont think that is 100% true. The ST app along with its Life360 smartapp poles Life360 for status updates which should reflect within it. Hence it can use Life360 presence along with your ST geofence.

One of our kids didnt even have the iOS app installed. It appears that the ST Life360 smartapp will report a user as present if they dont have the native app installed on their phone.

ahh Yes , I can see that happening. The same happens when you disable your location then it just shows last location (at your house).