How do you set up Harmony to work with Bond Using IFTTT as a “man in the middle”? Or is there some other way with SmartThings?

I’m trying to integrate Bond (controls RF ceiling fan devices) with my harmony remote.

There is no direct connection between them.

Harmony connects to Smartthings
Smartthings connects to IFTTT
IFTTT connects to Bond

I can use a Simulated Dimmer switch in smartthings and it all links together but the issue is the Simulated dimmer is a static switch. So if someone physically turns the wall switch off its out of sync from the simulated switch.

What i need is a Simulated minimote that shows up as a switch in the IFTTT… any thoughts or direction?

Not sure I understand why you think a minimote would be any better. But as long as the wall switch itself is smart and communicating with smartthings you can just use the official smart lighting feature and have the virtual switch and the wall switch mirror each other so that when one turns on the other gets turned on. I think that’s the approach most people use. :sunglasses:

That said, the Thing I’m confused about is that the bond itself doesn’t have a smart switch. And I don’t think it gets status updates from the fan, does it? So unless you have a separate smart switch on the wall, I’m not quite sure how you would get the wall switch status to begin with.

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Also, harmony itself has an IFTTT channel, why do you need smartthings in the mix?

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The Harmony IFTTT channel is only way. It only seems to accept command sent from IFTTT to harmony. I have not been able to get Harmony to send commands to IFTTT

The Wall switch is not smart… it is an RF remote. which is where the bond device comes into play.

Bond takes the RF remote and makes it into a smart device. but there is not smartthings integration only IFTTT. I can’t use a smart switch because my house doesn’t have enough wires to separate fan and light.

If i could use minimote i could assign button 1 to the On command, button 2 to the off command.

Then on my Harmony remote i can program a button to turn off the light which changes the state of the minimote button 2 causing IFTTT to tell bond to turn the light off. and so on…

Not an elegant solution but all i have to work with

I should have mentioned that the Harmony remote has

Which can only be connected to home control devices. out of the all my devices on smartthings only switches and plugs show up as selectable options. no buttons, contact sensors, keypads, motion sensors etc.

I guess the main issue i have is i need away to have a switch that doesn’t save the state of the device. ie a button that harmony thinks is a switch. because if someone uses the oem remote then the state of the remote and the smartthings switch won’t match. So when i try and use the remote to turn it off smartthings thinks its already off and nothing happens…

The reason nothing else shows up is because nothing else is actionable.

Buttons typically do not receive any commands from the network other than a query about the battery level. You can’t send a button an instruction to press itself. That’s true for almost all home automation systems.

Smartthings can’t send a command to Its own brand button, for example.

Instead, the button sends a “button pressed” message to the network when it is physically actuated. And it may be able to send some other messages to other devices. But it is always the If, not the that.

To use Harmony as the IF at IFTTT, you have to have Harmony turn on a virtual switch in smartthings, and then that virtual switch coming on becomes the iF.

Anyway, there are a lot of people using bond in the community and lots of people using Harmony, so I’m going to change your topic title to something that should attract their attention and hopefully they will have advice for you. :sunglasses:

I personally have the Harmony and use it a lot, but I don’t have the bond

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That is the companion remote for the Harmony Hub… The remote doesn’t actually do anything other then tell the hub to send the IR,BT,WIFI command. The remote itself is actually useless with out the hub to do everything for it. But i see where your going.

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I haven’t tried this myself, but I have it on quite good authority that the two product combos down below will be your solution. After installation and setup, you would control the fan using the Logitech remote control by setting up a “scene” within the Logitech remote/hub. If anyone wants to try this and sound-off as to if it’s true that this will work, it would sure help a lot of people, since I see this question asked Many-many times on differing forums and now amazon alike.

This effectively allows you to omit BOND, IFTTT, and SmartThings options entirely.

Canopy Module:

Wall Keypad:

Only potential down-side I see with this solution is that there’s no “reverse” fan blade spin option.

Where did you hear that those particular models worked with Harmony? I don’t see them listed in the Harmony database:

Also, in any case you would Also have to have the Insteon hub to make all of that work and that’s going to start increasing the cost very significantly. And the complexity.

There is an alternative solution using similar devices for the Lutron Maestro fan control that will definitely work with harmony. That’s option five in the fan control FAQ:

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Also, this forum is for customers using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation system. So all questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. (The Insteon devices that you linked to do not work with Samsung SmartThings.) It is not a general home automation forum.

It is a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top of Google searches on home automation questions, but it is specific to the Samsung platform.

If you are looking for a general home automation forum, the one at Reddit is brand agnostic:

The way I did it was,

  1. Connected to Fan to Bond and normal
  2. Added Bond devices to Smartthings through provided integration.
  3. Created Virtual Switches for both fan light and fan.
  4. Created two automatons in Smarthings of which when part 3 switches are hit they toggle light or fan respectively.
  5. Added Smarthings home control to Harmony Hub and selecting said switches.
  6. Assigned buttons on remote to the newly imported switches.
    &) All working. Can now control my lights with buttons on my remote and turn fan off and on. Future goals is control fan speed, but not really necessary for me as I mainly just leave it on low.