How do I use IFFFT?

OK I have IFFFT installed. I created a simulated switch in SmartThings, and it is in IFFFT. I have the BOND Fan remote and the IFFFT applet installed. How do I link the simulated switch to the applet? I am confused. The switch is called Guest Light.

Create a new applet. The “this” is the simulated switch in Smartthings. The “that” is the Bond fan/light action you want to happen.

Thank you, but it looks like it only created confusion. BOND installs two switches per fan in Alexa. So when I create two additional switches per fan in SmartThings it just is too many switches. I guess it could be done via WebCoRE, but not sure how that would work. And the integration with IFFFT and WebCoRE must be a problem. It would allow one momentary switch.

I tried using Webcore with webhooks to Ifttt but the response time from Ifttt was unacceptably slow. I modified a simulated minimote device type for this use.

It may just have been a bad day for Ifttt webhooks. I am planning to test again this weekend.

Would you please provide info on how to do this? Thanks.

I am not an app developer so please bear with my not so great directions. You need to go into Smartthings github repository and find the simulated minimote device handler. Copy the code. Next create a new device handler in your ide using the code you copy. Before saving and publishing the device handler, look through the code and change the label name for the buttons to something appropriate for your use case. (I don’t recall exactly which label I changed. I went through some trial and error to get it how I wanted it.) Now save and publish the device handler. Next, create a new device utilizing the device handler you just created. Once created, I exposed the device to Webcore and used a piston to send webhooks to Ifttt.

That seems like a huge amount of work. I will try. What did you mean by web hook?

Webhooks are how Webcore speaks to Ifttt. Look at the Webhook service in Ifttt.

Thanks, searching for the simulated minimote, who wrote the original?

Smartthings wrote the original.

Thank you, I will try to work this out. it will be great guesswork.