Logitech Harmony Elite and IFTTT: Does it work the other way?


I’m thinking of buying a samsung smartthings hub, but I still have a few questions regarding IR control and IFTTT.

It seems to be possible to control the harmony hub via smartthings and IFTTT, but does it work the other way around?
I mean, If I select a activity on the harmony remotecontrol, is there a possibility to capture that, does it get stored in the cloud?
Is it possible to let know the smartthingshub that I selected a activity on the harmony remote? Can it alter a virtual switch in the smartthings hub?

The reason I want to know that is because then your smartthings hub still follows the situation you’re in, no matter what controller is used, if it would be the smartthings app, a switch on the wall, or the hardware logitech Harmony Elite remote.

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I don’t think Logitech Harmony has any IFTTT triggers, just actions. You’d have to use SmartThings as for the IFTTT trigger, either by when a SmartThings shows a Harmony Activity has turned on or off, or through a Virtual/Simulated Switch that is synched with Harmony Activity/Action.

What are you trying to accomplish? I suspect there is an easier way of doing what you want to do.

So you can make a harmony activity that sets a virtual switch in the smartthings hub?
That way I’ll always be up to date on the selected activity :slight_smile:



Cool, but how?

Create a virtual switch in ST, go to your Harmony app on your phone, add a smart home device, log in to ST and allow access to the virtual switch, then add switch to activity.