IFTTT and Mini Remote. What am I missing?

I want to have:

  1. an on wall battery powered switch (similar to INSTEONs: http://www.smarthome.com/insteon-2342-242-mini-remote-switch.html)
  2. able to use IFTTT (which insteon can’t).

I also have a harmony home hub, but I cant figure out how to get both of these featurs. It doesnt seem like this should be this hard, what am I missing?

Any help would be greatly appreicated

It’s not quite the same form factor, but the smartenIT three toggle switch is a battery operated wall mount remote which works very well with SmartThings:

Click the following link for more details.

Thank you very much for your responde.

I appreciate your help in finding that switch, I am really looking for something that will look like a decora paddle switch so that it blends in with the other switches in my home.

I have a switch in my house that is in a very strange location and would like to wirelessly relocate it to the entry of the room

Would the Cooper Aspire Wireless Dimmer RF Battery Operated Switch RF9500WS work for you?

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