Bond/Ifttt/Webcore Creative Solution Needed

I’m looking for a creative solution to leverage a piston to turn on and off a fan light independently of the fan. I have a bond device and use ifttt to seperate fan vs fan light and use a ge zwave on/off switch. Right now, double tap turns on the light but is there another solution to consider? What i don’t like is there’s no way to turn the fan light on via doubletap if the fan isn’t on. Not sure if anyone is faced with a similar situation and if they have a better solution.

It sounds like you have the switch controlling power to the fixture, is that correct? If so, you could wire the load to the line (instead of to the switch), so the fixture always has power, and control the functions exclusively through Bond. You would set up a rule in Smart Lighting or IFTTT for the fan status to mirror the switch status (switch is just there as an interface and not to actually control anything). Personally I would reverse the function, and make the lighting single tap and the fan double tap, as it’s a little more intuitive for someone not familiar with your system.

couple questions, is that against code and would this also work in a 3 way switch environment?

Not sure about code.

I think this would work with a 3-way GE switch, as the add-on would still communicate back to the master and change the state in the app, triggering your mirrored Bond switch.

confirmed with two electricians that it’s 100% okay and not a code violation so I swapped out the wiring. Works as planned, it’s definitely a nice solution, i’ll have to wait until bond gets official integration to be 100% the way I want, since the ifttt delay is 1-2 seconds which is kind of annoying.

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What IFTTT rule would you use for this? I have tried to figure this out – Alexa picks it up, and I can tell it to tun on an off – but I cannot even get Smartthings or Hubitat to see the Fan. I would like to have a sensor or a series of them turn on the light with motion or when a door opens and then go off in 5 to 10 minutes after motion ceases. This seems like it is a brain buster because Bond does not seem to do much with the Hubs… I have tried some steps on here but very little seems to be developed – or maybe I am not looking in the right places?

Interested in this as well.