How do you install a hub for a friend?

I have a number of technology challenged friends- who like my automation - but would need help installing a system.

How do I do that?

Have them create an account and use their phone or tablet to set it up. It’s pretty simple like that.

I have only setup 1 system other than my own, but from my experience you will need to:

  1. Sign out of your personal SmartThings account.

  2. Create a separate SmartThings account. Although you can have multiple hubs on the same account, I have read that the additional locations will slow things down. I presume this is because the app fetches information on all connected devices and each hub will have many associated devices. Also, you probably won’t want to receive notifications about someone else’s home after the setup is complete.

  3. Configure the hub, connect all of the smart devices and install smart apps just like you did with your own system.

  4. Create an account for your friend(s). Hubs can be shared with multiple users (i.e. all members in the household), but each hub only has 1 “master” user that can programmatically reboot the hub. I have also read that when an account shares access it will share access to all the hubs/locations associated with it.

  5. Depending on how technologically challenged they are, setup SmartThings on your friend’s phones and configure their phone as a mobile presence sensor.

  6. Make any modifications to the smartapps needed to make use of the new presence sensor(s) and automate routines.

Don’t forget to sign out of the other account when you are done helping your friend configure their system. When you log back into your personal account all of your devices and routines will still be there. One problem I have found is that the optional routine shortcuts are not preserved and must be manually re-enabled if you are using iOS. I cannot verify if the same problem occurs on other platforms.

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Keep in mind you might be committing yourself to installing and maintaining their system. ST isn’t exactly known for running without any hiccups from the day you set it up onwards.


Exactly. I was going to caution against doing this under any circumstances. Now you have a part time job that does not pay anything.
Run away - don’t walk.

Easy answer. HA is like crack. Get them hooked by first showing them your stuff. Convince them they want it. If they don’t, find new friends. If they do, encourage it until they can’t wait anymore and they buy and install their own.

Then they are commiserating with you, instead of calling you at 2am asking why you programmed the damn siren to go off in the middle of the night. :smiley:


Real friends don’t let their friends install ST!

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Unless there’s lot of beer involved.

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