How do I use the xyz axis features of the multiporose sensor?

im just getting started with the smartthings home montitoring kit. Ver 2

ive got everthing connected but i cant make sense of how to tap into the xyz feature of the sensor
how do i use it?

for example, lets say i want ot mount it on my garage door to sense horizontal vs veritcal

i tried moving the sensor around with my hand while monitoring the app and it doesnt seem to continuosly change the x y z readings

You have to go into settings and select garage door then pick the proper axis.

thanks but shouldnt i see the xzy values change in the app (when im looking at the device screen) when i move the sensor around?

are there other use cases for this xyz sensor besides garage door that are documented somewhere?

use @Mariano_Colmenarejo version of the contact sensor to get the xyz axis

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As JKP said you want to use Mariano’s “ZigBee Contact Mc” Edge Driver.

Ill take a look at that thx.

Im beginning to think smartthings is not really a finished product but more like a hobby enthusiasts/project… os that about right?:thinking:

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There isn’t a home automation system out there that is “finished”. Pretty much an oxymoron.

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