SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor X Y Z Help

I am using a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor new version on a dog door flap to send voice to a speaker when the dog goes out and comes in.
I’m using webcore for the automation and using the X Y Z coordinates, Question is what is the right orientation of the sensor, I’m only using the sensor not the dumb side. or is there any documentation on
the X Y Z settings. Thanks

isn’t it arbitrary? you pick your reference orientation at setup.

my garage door - sensor is “vertical” but which end is up? does it matter:

2019-02-04 5:19 PM EST - 18 hours ago threeAxis -2,1045,11
2019-02-04 5:19 PM EST - 18 hours ago threeAxis -1,1045,11
2019-02-04 5:19 PM EST - 18 hours ago threeAxis -1,1044,10
2019-02-03 8:51 AM EST - 2 days ago threeAxis 1,1044,10

|2019-02-03 8:51 AM EST - 2 days ago|threeAxis|0,1043,10||
|2019-02-03 8:51 AM EST - 2 days ago|threeAxis|-79,1014,-100|

contact capability seems like less noise . Alexa will also read that directly.

It would be if it was up and down but it swings in and out, I want it to say one thing when it swings out and another thing when it swings in…

I see - that is kind of fun to figure out. So dynamic - a lot of readings to filter through.

I would probably put a masked motion sensor inside and combine its timing with a contact closure. Maybe you could get the direction from 2 contact closures with a suitable mounting near the hinge.

If you get something worked out then please post it. I’ve often thought direction would be useful to reduce the need for other sensors - entering a bedroom versus exiting. That case in my house doesn’t really work with tilt or contact sensors tho, since we don’t move the doors much. Two motion sensors kinda defeats the purpose.

I figured it out by holding the sensor in my hand and tilting it in the directions I needed while watching the logs.

Just had to tweak the numbers to keep it from going off when opening and closing the man door.

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