How do I set up lock/unlock notifications?

I have recently purchased a Smartthings hub, and a variety of sensors - including a Schlage Camelot lock. Everything was simple to set up and I can now easily lock/unlock my door from my phone. Nice!! That said, I really want to receive notifications when the lock is unlocked. I can’t believe that notifications on events isn’t a standard feature. Is there a simple way to accomplish that?

I took a quick look at SmartApps - do I really have to code to do this? Help!


P.S. I did try to search but I couldn’t find anything that addresses this - so sorry if this is a stupid post.

Easy to do. Add the lock to “Doors & Locks”. There you will find notify app for what you want.

Ahhhh, okay. Yea this seemed like I was making this harder than it needed to be. I added the lock to the hub already and was surprised that it doesn’t show up under Doors/Locks. It shows on the “Things” but not under Doors & Locks. How does one move it / make it show up there? Sorry - I’m finding the interface highly un-intuitive. Or maybe I’m just slow. :smile:


Anyone know how to move a device into the lock section? This lock doesn’t show up there. Help!

@jeff1, under the main menu where ‘Doors and Locks’ appears, just click on it, then click on the ‘settings’ icon at the top right corner (which looks like a gear). From there, click on ‘add a door’, enter a door name, specify the type of door (conventional, garage), press ‘next’, on the following page, press ‘know and control if the door is locked’; on the next page, select ‘connect a lock’, and choose your existing lock. After, if you want to be notified, just click ‘notify me when’ with the different notification options available. After, you click ‘next’ and then ‘done’.

You should be all set!

Thank you! I’m all set!

Has this feature been removed from the new app and v2 hub? I can find anything like this. I’d like to get notification of when my Camelot lock is locked, etc, but can’t find anything. This seems like it should be available since pretty much everything is in the activity log. Seems like I should be able make any one of those notification push to me phone??? I’m new to this, but like many other I am reading, this is not intuitive at all.

You can still do this, or at least I can with my locks. Under the second tab (the one with “rooms”, “things”, “smartapps”, etc.). Go to “things”. Expand the options for your lock. Along the top of the screen you will see lock specific tabs. The third one over is “Smartapps”. Click there and you will see a list of various smartapps relevant to the lock. One of those is Know/Control. In that Smartapp is a “Know when locked/unlocked/both” feature. It sounds like that is what you are looking fit.

Jeff, I am new to SmartThings. I am migrating from Vera. I have the V2 controller and App. I have the same issue as jbrown. I also do not see the app that you referred to.

under my tabs I have right now/ recently and smartapps
under my smartaps is nothing that says know/control that is most likely a custom app or code you installed for your locks.
on mine it only shows any smartapps that have that lock mentioned or controlled… where did you get the know/control smartapp thanks

I’m not sure if there us something particular about my setup our not, but I have no custom smartapps for lock notifications. I’ll attach the exact screens I see - but before I do that, it is possible that the lock and an associated open/close sensor must be configured as a door before you will see all the options. All my locks are associated with doors in my house.

My v2 hub showed up last night so I’ll be reconfiguring my entire setup tomorrow. I’ll report back if there are issues like you are seeing.

Screen shots attached.

Per my previous post, I believe you must have the lock associated with a door in order to access this functionality. I do have a custom smartapp I wrote to turn on lights when a door is unlocked or locked. That could be easily modified to provide notifications if you are interested.


I don’t think the V2 app allows you to associate the lock with a door. At least I cannot find a way of doing it. I like the way your dashboard is set up on your pic. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to do this on V2 app. The only thing on the dashboard is “Smart Home Monitor”.

yes your picts show v1 on v2 there is no such smart app. and fx is not the same.

I’m using the updated (latest) application, although I am still on a v1 hub. Possibly there is some inconsistency because I had a legacy configuration/build which I migrated in to the new app. I’ll find out tomorrow when I do a total rebuild of my network and system with my v2 hub. I will post back with more information tomorrow.


Try enabling regular SmartThings notifications and notifications on unlock/lock in “Pushover Notify me When” under Safety and Security. Works for me at least.

The old dashboard stuff has been discontinued. The stuff you already have stays until you remove it. Once you do, you can’t add it back.

I’ve also read that you can’t add new devices to the old dashboard entries, though I haven’t personally verified that, since I did remove everything old.

thanks added it… will see. didn’t even look there as not sure what pushovers are… so didn’t think they applied… I guess they are optional whatever they are

I just did a fresh install at another house I’m working on, and “Pushover Notify Me When” is definitely what you are looking for. That said, I am not getting push notifications from this location. I can get text notifications just fine, but I get no standard ST push notifications. It’s the darndest thing.

Thanks for the tip, @Riley. It works, except instead of saying something like " is <action: unlocked/locked>" it just outputs what I type in (mandatory) for “Message Text”. Using “Notify Me When” it follows that standard device + action text. Is there a way to do that with the Pushover Notify Me When?