How do I set up lock/unlock notifications?

Hey Rob,

Right it will only display what you put in that message. If you have multiple locks you may need more than one app, to track each. Kind of a pain, but it shouldn’t need to be done the Door/Lock module gets finished up.

Any ideas when the Door/Lock module will be finished up? Right now I’m thinking, since I have both hubs active, I should move my locks and open/close sensors back to Hub v1 so I actually get the right notifications.

I was able to get notifications setup anytime my lock was locked/unlocked.

Below is what I did:

From the Dashboard, click on the three vertical dots on the top right and select “Configure”.
Select "Custom"
Select "New monitoring rule"
Tap on “What kind of device…” and select "Lock"
Should be pretty self explanatory from that point on…

What App/OS are you using? On Android in either the “Dashboard” or “My Home” screens, if I choose the three dots in the upper-right I don’t get a Configure option. Neither in Windows Phone (bottom right three dots).

Ummm yea. Where are you seeing anything like that? I see no such options!!

Snapshots below are from an Android but I see same options on iOS. Haven’t tried it on a Windows phone yet.

Anyone else have success with this? I don’t see the same options on iOS and can’t get notifications to work.

What app are you using?

Yes it works on hub v2 following the screenshoot on ios

Now how do you tell the App to alert you on who or which code unlocked the door? When my door is unlocked it simply says “Door has been Unlocked”. I would like to receive an alert on who it was, rather than go to history to see it.

Previously I used the smartapp “Lock Manager” manage my codes and alerts, which was great. However I thought SmartThings would do a better job.

I highly suggest you consider the $35 required to tap into the RBoy app and device ecosystem. It truly is worth the $. If you have a supported lock then that lock manager and device driver will do anything you want, including custom push notification, SMS, each identifying the code used. Very very nice.