How do I see all my devices in new Samsung account (They are still working)

I have a bunch of devices but have lost access to them since the switch to the samsung accounts. I’m hoping by now there is an easy answer to this. When I lost access I just stopped monitoring or changing things.

Is there, by chance, an easy solution? I can’t seem to log into my “classic” and I can’t see anything in my new samsung account.


check to see if there are now two locations in your account. All you need to do is switch to the other location in order to see your devices.

to login to the classic app, choose new user and select Samsung account to login.

another way to check for two locations, login to IDE at and click on My Locations. if you do have two, report back and I can provide instructions for removing the empty one.

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I don’t have two. I can’t see my old information at all.

Thanks a lot for helping out by the way!

Have you contacted ST support?

I tried calling. On hold for hours with no offer to call back and no indication of how long I would hold. I emailed. It took them three days to say they got my message and three more to respond with a request for more information. I have responded but had to respond by starting a new question. Worst experience ever. Am I doing it wrong?

You click on New to SmartThings when you try to login on the Classic app and use your Samsung account?