How do I protect a large Patio Door?

So… that means that Contact Sensors are the best choice for point-of-intrusion detection (more convenient than Motion Sensors because Contact Sensors are still viable when family is home).

I certainly agree. I’ve just had this nagging sensation that burglars might notice or assume contact sensors and so smash the glass instead so as not to open the window frame. Unlikely…

They now make Zwave contact sensors that insert like a traditional wired alarm system. Other than that would be a house motion sensor. I have an ADT pulse alarm system currently with glass break sensor & I would not do it again. It is very sensitive & triggers false alarms during storms or big trucks driving down the road.

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My parents house and the neighbors house just had their patio doors shattered by thieves. Safety glass allowed them to walk right in with no issues. Seems to be common around here lately by whoever is doing it.

Obviously they had toughened safety glass that was not laminated, for exterior ground floor installations in the UK for security purposes it is recommended that laminated glass is used. my last ones were also laminated and were put in when the house was built. when i breaks it is a lot harder to remove and break in.

if you want to check the Laminated glass Kitemark code in the UK is bs en 14449 and all my windows and door on the ground floor are laminated. but my upstairs windows are just toughened glass so when broken will allow easy access.

but my ground floor windows and doors would take a lot more effort. but thats why i said toughened glass patio doors manufactured in the last ten years as all external ground floor patio doors fitted should be laminated glass installations, but maybe they check the kitemark to see if they can get easy access with a diamond tipped hammer

There is a product that you can put on your windows and doors that makes it almost impossible to break into.

This is what I plan to do with mine…

Great to know. Don’t think I was given an option for laminated when I put my patio doors in, but in the US we think about security after we get robbed :wink: That 3m coating looks interesting. Let us know how hard it is to apply!

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