How do I move a device out of one room into a different one? (2015, Classic)

Once I have a device assigned to one room, if I change my mind, how do I move it to a different one? It doesn’t seem to be part of either edit room or edit device. What am I missing?

I did this

Edit Room
Add/Edit devices in this room
Tap the red circle with the -
Now it’s out of that room, you can add it elsewhere

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OK, it’s an accessibility issue. The coding is wrong. Voiceover selects the whole line with the name of the device and the red circle, but when you activate it it doesn’t know it’s a button, so nothing happens.

There is a separate button on the red circle itself, but normal navigation doesn’t stop at it.

I’ll report it.

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I was wondering if the new App’s accessibility factor was much better than the old…

Having the primary navigation at the bottom of the screen is very physically tiring. So I’m really using it as little as possible. I haven’t run into all the issues yet for that reason.

Have many rooms.

Related to this is the initial configuration after migrating from Classic. All the devices are part of an “unassigned” room. I created a new room (“living room”), but cannot for the life of me figure out how to move devices from “unassigned” to “living room”. When I try to add devices to “living room” using “+” the devices in “unassigned” are not shown. Do the “unassigned” devices need to be transitioned into some other state before they can be added to a room?

You are replying to a post which is three years old and so much has changed since then. So really nothing else in this thread relates to your particular question. (in the future, look for threads which have had activity in the last 12 months, and that way we don’t keep resurfacing really old stuff which is just going to confuse everybody.)

Anyway, there should be at least three different ways to move them.

  1. long press on the device name and you should get a pop-up that lets you move it

  1. short press the device and it will bring up at details page. Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right to open the edit menu and that’s where you can edit the details including what room it’s in

Also, the + is for adding a new device, not for editing an existing device.

  1. Instead, click on the three horizontal line icon on the upper left, then choose devices and you should see your devices there. Select one, and you will be at its details page and you can use that 3 dot icon to change the room

So that’s three different methods, hopefully one of them will work for you. :sunglasses:

If those don’t work for you, please start a new thread and ask your question and people can help you. You can use the following section of the forum:

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Unfortunately, the bring devices from other rooms does not work with devices that are unassigned. One of those oddities with the new app :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I fixed my post above. But the other three methods work, right?

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Yep, those work :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but the app is not running on a phone so short and long press don’t work. But I figured it out - editing each device individually allows assignment of a room. That’s poor software design - why not allow all unassigned devices to be moved to a room as a group? Editing them one by one is a PITA but at least it works. Assigning them all to a room also solved an “offline” problem that plagued all the vibration sensors. This may all be academic though since there is no Smart Home Monitor without which all of this is useless. But that’s a topic for another thread.

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It has been awhile since I’ve had an unassigned device but wasn’t there an option in the unassigned section to move devices? I forget.