How to move device from a room to "No room assigned"?

I recently installed a new (Meross) plug and in that process was forced to choose a room to place it in. I would rather put it in the existing “No room assigned” room, but don’t see that as a selection in the app if I try to edit the device page. Is there a way to make this change?

(I could create a new room “NRA” instead to move them to, but that seems rather kludgy.)

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I believe if you login to the IDE you can clear out the room assignment, which effectively reverts it back to No Room Assigned.

It’s been awhile but I’m fairly sure I’ve done that before.

Keep in mind that IDE is eventually going to be phased out so only look at using that feature for the short term.

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I’ve actually made an “unused” room to put unneeded/unused devices in (e.g. usb values from Zooz power strips), that way it speeds up the load for the rooms of interest and removes the clutter.


The IDE option is still there. I decided to just create a bogus room, in case I need to redo post IDE sunset. Thanks.