"Out Late"--will this work?

So my “Goodnight” routine runs when no motion is detected for 30min after 10pm which causes my alarm to arm. However, there are occasions when someone in the house will be out late and will be returning home after the alarm is armed. I have a keypad set up but when my alarm is in Goodnight/stay mode I do not have any delays active and would not be able to disarm the alarm. ( also not everyone in my home likes to use the ST app… )

Basically I’m going to make a virtual switch that is labeled “out late”. I will add that switch to my goodnight routine so it will not run unless it is off. When someone will be out, possibly late, I will turn on the switch which will prevent the “Goodnight” routine from firing and arming the alarm.

Using CORE I will make a rule saying that if motion is detected in my garage or my basement door is open then someone,( hopefully someone who is permitted to enter the house, has returned home…(also some people refuse to use presence sensors which I do agree with her are unreliable…)) then turn off the switch. Which should then allow my 'Goodnight" routine to run.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I missing something that would prevent this from working?

I just use the I’m Back routine (6 of us with smartphones) to turn off the alarm. Then the Night routine will restart after things quiet down.

But I don’t see anything wrong with your plan of action…