How do I get to log messages from a running App?

I can see the log messages when running from the IDE but how do I get to it when it is running on the device?

Unless I don’t understand your question, those logs are for any device activity. IDE or otherwise. You can also get device specific logs in the IDE site as well.

Sorry, I meant when launching a smartApp from the phone. When on the IDE there’s the log window, where would I see the log messages when I’m not on the IDE?

You can see the activity feed (full) by going to the Hello, Home screen (message icon in upper right) and then the Activity Feed (upper right heartbeat icon once in Hello, Home.

Additionally you can browse to any device detail screen and tap Activity to see only activity for that device.

I got that but it’s there a way to see the log messages explicitly logged by say ‘log.debug’ commands in smartApps?

There is an option to turn on the additional logging messages. Go to: My Account > Admin Options > Set Client Registration Logging level to DEBUG (among other things)

Hmm…I don’t see a “Admin Options” under “My Account” on my iPhone…am I missing something?


Don’t tease us like that.

I think you have the development version that is not released to us mortals.

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I do that with relative frequency :frowning:

Did anyone figure how to get the debug/info messages in the activity feed and if not how does one post to the device activity feed (not main)

It’d be really nice to be able to sort by timestamp as well!

I’m not sure if this helps since it still requires the IDE, but I am able to see log debug messages within the IDE from my device if the app is installed on my phone. Any help?

Is this something special that only you (as an employee) are able to see?
All I get from the Device screen on the IDE is the ability to list Events, there’s no debug log. Also, it does not make sense for smart app logs to be under Devices (which device would the App’s log go to)?
Please clarify.

Ok, found out where this was…

Thank, that certainly helps.

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Is this still the case? There isn’t any apparent ability to set the application log levels to see what happening inside an application. Can you enlighten us? Why document the ability to add log statements if we can’t benefit from seeing them?