SmartApp Logs...why aren't there any?

So, I can go into a Thing tile and bring up the activity log for device. Why can’t I view the log for a specific SmartApps? Yes, I can view that them in the overall Activity Log and yes I can view them in the live logging in the IDE, but I should be able to view them in the SmartApp itself.

I view this as another architecture and UI oversight that can hopefully be corrected in the not too distant future. SmartApps and Thing tiles look nearly identical in the interface, yet they behave differently.

Just a fleeting thought here on Coffee Talk…discuss.

I found this frustrating as well, the simple answer is Developers are not using the nessessary logging facility for apps. It’s something i’m working to correct in my own apps and devices.

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So will it just be an option when tapping on the SmartApp?

As far as my apps go… no… logging will be mandatory, unless you remove it from my code. I have no control over that and don’t care to control what people do with my code. It won’t be verbose debug logging but anyone will be able to see some of the basic stuff like installed/changed settings and some basic runtime stuff and when an error is generated.

All in all its not that hard to add:

sendEvent(descriptionText:"${switch1.displayName} has an error, polling every hour", eventType:"SOLUTION_EVENT", displayed: true)

Generates logs like this:

Due to testing i have not updated my smartapps yet or made the complete code public but it is coming soon for all of my apps.

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Although it is great to have the logging in the IDE, it really needs to be in the app itself. Out of your control, I know, since it is an architecture and UI issue in the ST app.

I’m not sure you fully understood my post. All events are queryable by smartapps. What i posted is a step towards what you are looking for that most developers are not taking now. Just because i don’t currently know how to put that into a smartapp does not mean there is an architecture or UI limitation on smartthings part, but more of a lack of funding, guidance or imagination from smartthings and it’s developers and users. I totally think it is possible and i implore you to spend some time, write some code, bang your head against the wall, and contribute this possibility to the entire smartthings developer community. Help all of us write better apps :slight_smile:

That is excellent/just what I need! Where can I find that list of events? I’m guessing it is in “My Locations” in the web dev console? (When I click there, I just get some intro text…)

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!

My bad! Found it! For others who may be looking:

Click on “My Hubs” at:

For your hub, click on the Location on the right (Most likely “Home”)

Click on “List SmartApps”

Click on your app

Click on “List Events”

Hope that helps!

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This may also help too:


Yeah, thanks for posting!

My issue was the live logging times out after an hour or 2, and I’m trying to debug an app. (At one point, one that ran approx 2 hours before I got up = ) So needed a way to get non-live logging from an app. = )