Turning on debugging in a smart app

In this smartapp (which stopped working for me & others) :

I see lines like : log.debug

but I don’t see (at least not obviously) how to turn on that debugging. How does it get turned on ? I see log.debug in other smart apps too, so I don’t think it’s something specific to that one.

There’s nothing to turn on, if it’s installed and running, open the IDE ->Click My Locations -> Click on your location and then on the top row click on Live Logging.

Thanks , I’d looked at live logging and whilst I do see some stuff in there it doesn’t appear to me that everything in the smart app goes in there. Specifically, I was hoping the see the access token response stuff at https://github.com/alyc100/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/alyc100/hive-connect.src/hive-connect.groovy#L1250

Maybe I will try adding more log.debug lines to my copy of the smart app