Can i see log calls from an app that is installed on my hub?

I see log calls in different code bases, but I am not seeing anything that allows me access to the logs. I have gone to live logging and that doesn’t appear to dumping any logs that are from custom apps. Only logs of devices

SmartApp’s log.* calls should be found there.

The only exception I know to this is when a child device calls a parent SmartApp, the SmartApp’s logs do not generate as expected, only the device’s. Unless this has been resolved.

Hmm, that is strange, I was specifically looking at the Smart Alarm app from @geko and I was playing with toggling the REST commands on\off, which was supposed to log the information.

Try looking under all, on the newest version of the Android app I noticed apps will name them “Tap to set” initially.

Also are you seeing any logs for any apps? If not try a different browser.

What do you mean, looking under All? On the Live Logging page, there is only one button for me and it is All and highlight blue.

I will keep an eye out on other apps. Is there a historic log? I see these people post the aftermath of a app failure and I am not sure where i am supposed to go for that.

I do not know how many devices you have connected but you should be seeing logging coming from other devices/apps. “All” will be highlighted first, then each App/Device that outputs logs will be listed to the right. In the “Logs” panel there will be an hashed id, ie “d89fsf7sfd-c7384-sa8d7-sad7d-lkj3457sdf8” if you click that link it should bring you to that App/Device’s individual logs.

There is no way to see historical logs unless you have the “Live Logging” open.

If you are not seeing any logs at all, do this.

  1. Install the latest version of Chrome
  2. Open an “Incognito” window (Ctrl+Shift+N)
  3. Go to the Web-IDE, click on “My Hubs” then click on “Live Logging”

You should see some logging. If you don’t make sure there aren’t any plugins/extensions interfering, you can temporarily disable them if needed.

Here is what my logging looks like after a few minutes, I have removed the IDs and logging that included sensitive data.