How do I get rid of notifications I don't care about?

Somehow I keep getting notified about every post for new releases of Android, iOS and Windows versions.

I am interested in iOS but would prefer a community notification and not an email.
I don’t want to be notified about Android or Windows at all because I no longer use Android and Windows…well it’s Windows so you understand :slight_smile:

For example the post “Android 2.2.1 - Hot Fix” has me added as a watcher but I didn’t initiate that watch. I know I can open it and change it’s setting but then once 2.2.2 is created I will be auto added again.

I am subscribed to support notices at one time but now want them to stop. I get 2-4 emails every day which come on pairs. X feature is broken…X feature is working. I am so used to them I don’t care anymore. I can visit the support site to check when something is broken for me to see if it is reported. These emails are too frequent and quite frankly irritate me that the system is so darn unstable.

So I would like to stop the following

  1. Notifications about outages
  2. Notifications about new releases of Android and Windows

I still want to get emails about

  1. posts on threads I posted
  2. posts which tag me

I’m not sure about the other notifications, but you can unsubscribe to our status page updates like this:

Unsubscribing from Notifications
End-users can unsubscribe from SMS notifications by replying STOP.

End-users can unsubscribe from Email notifications by clicking Unsubscribe on the email.

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Is it possible that you subscribed to the community category “mobile release notes”?

go to that category and click the circle at the top right to check

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Looks like that was it but now I will not get iOS releases.
Why are they all categorized under Mobile and don’t have categories. Unless you are a developer looking to watch all platforms who else would want this ?

I want iOS notices. I don’t want the others. Is that possible ?

Turn on notifications. look at your notifications and enter the threads. Set the button from “Watching” to “Normal”

Any thread that you read all the way through or post to gets placed in your watch list. Just be certain to check the switch is in “Normal” when you are done reading it.

Thanks for the reply but I don’t understand if I turn on notification I will get notified for all mobile devices and I don’t want that. Unless I am reading your post wrong. I only want iOS. I realize I can remove myself from individual threads but then they create new ones and I am back on again. I see no reason not to have 3 sub categories Android, iOS and Windows.

I want watching for iOS and normal for all others.

I didn’t understand the focus part. You wanted only one TAG to notify. I wonder what it would take to have the IOS tag added?