Can't get rid of notifications on my phone

Last night, apparently there was a brief loss of connectivity to my Smarthings Hub. This morning I have two notifications on my phone’s home screen: “SmartThings your hub at (location) is now offline”, and “SmartThings your hub at (location) is now online”. Also, the ‘app icon’ for SmartThings on my phone (Samsung S7 / android) has a red ‘2’ notification on it, suggesting 2 ‘events’. So I appreciate being notified of events, but how do I get rid of that red ‘2’? I open the App on the phone and see nothing that would let me acknowledge or dismiss these events. I touch the ‘hamburger’ in the upper left, and choose ‘notifications’. The ‘Messages’ tab just has a bunch of reminders about past events, but nothing about last night’s ‘outage’. The ‘Activity Feed’ tab has entries for the outages, but there is no ‘acknowledge’ or similar action to perform.

So I don’t seem to be able to acknowledge or dismiss these events and thus, the red ‘2’ remains, and, next time my phone screen locks, those two SmartThings events are back.