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Is there anyway to stop receiving notifications in the forum every time you edit? It happens pretty much everyday, multiple times, and it’s highly annoying. It unnecessarily gets my attention, each time I think it’s something important and it’s just the editing, seemingly mindless, often the same post, back and forth by the same person. I just want to be notified if someone commented on a post I followed, not this constant inane editing.

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@SmartThings @jody.albritton How do I stop these editing notifications that don’t concern me. They are an invasion of my privacy.


You can adjust the kinds of notifications you will receive on a topic or unfollow it altogether.

Sorry, I can’t see what you mean, can you explain better. I’m following an important topic, I want to be notified of replies, but I don’t want to be notified of “edits”, where is this setting to turn off edits please, I don’t see it.

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At the very bottom of a topic you can see the tracking button with a bell icon. If you click that button there are several levels of notification.

I follow lot’s of topics and I don’t see any notifications about edits.

@jody.albritton I’m still getting these “editing” notifications on threads I’m following and I need them to stop. Again, they don’t concern me and they are invading my privacy, time and attention. I can keep providing more screenshots as in the one further up if you like. You mentioned unfollowing a topic, by turning off “Watching” but this isn’t a solution. Please help.

Mr Roberts, are you aware, that each time you decide to change a topics’ tag, for each of the 30,000 forum users following that topic, they each get notified?

I think the value that @JDRoberts adds by keeping the forum organized is well worth the occasional notification. If the notifications are troubling you though, you have the option of muting him: