How do I get ahold of an SmartThings Shield?

Can anyone tell me how to procure a SmartThings Shield for Arduino projects?

We’re planning on launching the store by the end of the month! woo woo

I want one. Actually 2. Maybe 3.

  1. You want 4.

We just want to be able to order anything more for our system! :slight_smile:

HOW LONG!?!?!?

@andrew - OK, you convinced me. Go ahead and ship me 4 :slight_smile:

Seriously, is there a realistic date for the shield’s general availability. Really can’t utilize the system to its fullest potential without having access to digital and analog I/O.

Nope, just keep bitching and they may send you one to shut you up.

You wait.

I believe they were hoping to have their store open at the end of this month… hopefully it’ll happen in the next few days - if it doesn’t - I have to imagine it’ll be very soon here.

I’m itching for a few more things just as much as you!

I there a forum problem…or does Solardave1 have multiple personalities? Haha.

Andrew, any update on the availability of the Things store?

We’re planning a break in to the ST office - everyone meet outside at 3AM and we can rush the place, grab all the shields and run. Any leftovers can go on ebay.

ah sorry all I’m currently on the road. Reserve listers are currently getting their first picks. Open store is … ? away. I honestly don’t know. The people in charge of that are doing some cost-to-business jargon analysis, lots of synergy (whatever that is, a type of Jam maybe?), and minimizing backwards overflow. I read that from a magazine.

Base of it is we’re trying to ramp up product and have it in our shipment facility ready to go when the individual store opens. We don’t want to open the store and immediately sell out because we didn’t have enough in stock and have “temporarily unavailable” product. Lead times on products can take weeks, just want to make sure there is enough to go around.

Well the store is open and -no shields!

@solardave1 Where do you see that the store is open? has been up for a while offering kits, but no one-off things.

I got an email with a link but you’re right, its just for kits.

I also have the link.

I’d really like to buy just a multi and a shield - already have two hubs, one of which I haven’t actually powered on yet :slight_smile:

@alexanderlash, @solardave1 – That’s right, the link that’s going out is for those who signed up to reserve a kit on our website. That said, it also means that the commerce infrastructure is up - now they’re just putting the finishing touches on the broader store.

While we’re waiting, any chance a data sheet or diagram or something for the ThingShield could be made available? I’m working on a board to be a bit of a “swiss army knife” to control under cabinet lighting, take input from a wired contact sensor, and sound a buzzer alarm. It’d be nice at least to know which Arduino pins are spoken for by the thingshield- I’m guessing 1 and 0 for serial communication, but I can’t order the board till I know that for sure.