Want to buy Smartthings Shield

I am working on a project that uses the thing shield. I really need another one, and there are none in stock in the store.

Does anyone have a Smartthings Shield they want to sell?



Todd, I can send you one. Email me at mager@smartthings.com and I’ll make sure you get one.

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Yeah, I am wanting one as well but ST is still out of stock and they have no clue to when they will start selling them. Sort of frustrating.

Todd, If your interested in an alternative hardware platform that allows you to build a SmartThings compatible device based on the ZigBee public HA profile take a look at the Parallax Propeller / xBee combination I outline in this blog http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php/157233-Propeller-to-SmartThings-(communicating-with-the-ZigBee-HA-public-profile)

I don’t know the details of your project but the Propeller is extreamly powerful when it comes to sourcing and reading signals to and from sensors.

I want to use Dan’s (@ogiewon) awesome ST_Anything library that works with the thing shield.

He and his son did an awesome job making these things almost plug and play.

I really hope smartthings gets these back in stock eventually, that shield with Dan’s library is very powerful.

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I am in a very similar situation, I’m very new to ST, as a matter of fact, the hub hasn’t arrived as of yet. I was kind of betting on using the ST Shield to add a temp to the pool. Has there been any talk at all about availability? I am really in need of 2 if anyone has a couple that they don’t want anymore…

This is sort of frustrating that ST does not have any? Anyone know a place where I might be able to get one??

Yep. I have an idea for regulating my solar panels with a smart app… but cant until I get the shield. :`(

How can I get a shield? Each time I look in the store there aren’t any available.


ETA? Also waiting on one to tackle an integration project with vista20p alarm.

Im also patiently waiting. Support said “in the next couple weeks” they should be back in stock. Here’s hoping to sooner rather than later!

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I’ll just leave this here