Want to buy Smartthings Shield

(Todd Whitehead) #1

I am working on a project that uses the thing shield. I really need another one, and there are none in stock in the store.

Does anyone have a Smartthings Shield they want to sell?



(Andrew Mager) #2

Todd, I can send you one. Email me at mager@smartthings.com and I’ll make sure you get one.

(Michael Langkilde) #3

Yeah, I am wanting one as well but ST is still out of stock and they have no clue to when they will start selling them. Sort of frustrating.

(John Rucker) #4

Todd, If your interested in an alternative hardware platform that allows you to build a SmartThings compatible device based on the ZigBee public HA profile take a look at the Parallax Propeller / xBee combination I outline in this blog http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php/157233-Propeller-to-SmartThings-(communicating-with-the-ZigBee-HA-public-profile)

I don’t know the details of your project but the Propeller is extreamly powerful when it comes to sourcing and reading signals to and from sensors.

(Todd Whitehead) #5

I want to use Dan’s (@ogiewon) awesome ST_Anything library that works with the thing shield.

He and his son did an awesome job making these things almost plug and play.

I really hope smartthings gets these back in stock eventually, that shield with Dan’s library is very powerful.

(Justin Waymire) #6

I am in a very similar situation, I’m very new to ST, as a matter of fact, the hub hasn’t arrived as of yet. I was kind of betting on using the ST Shield to add a temp to the pool. Has there been any talk at all about availability? I am really in need of 2 if anyone has a couple that they don’t want anymore…

(Justin) #7

This is sort of frustrating that ST does not have any? Anyone know a place where I might be able to get one??

(Mike Henry) #8

Yep. I have an idea for regulating my solar panels with a smart app… but cant until I get the shield. :`(

(Brianh) #9

How can I get a shield? Each time I look in the store there aren’t any available.


(Franklin) #10

ETA? Also waiting on one to tackle an integration project with vista20p alarm.

(Jason) #11

Im also patiently waiting. Support said “in the next couple weeks” they should be back in stock. Here’s hoping to sooner rather than later!

(Tim Slagle) #12

I’ll just leave this here