SmartThings Arduino Shield

So, I just got my SmartThings hub and I’m hooked. I also tinker with Arduino quite a bit and noticed there was a shield for Arduino. Is there any place I can still get this? The shop says it is sold out.

The St Shop was the only place that i could find them when i was looking about two months ago.
I had no joy on amazon or ebay,

If you seriously get in a pinch, I’ve got a spare that I’ll sell you at cost + shipping…

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Sold! Do I have to make a certain number of posts before I can send PMs? Because I’m not seeing anywhere to do that.

probably, just PM’d you, hopefully you can at least read them.

Is SmartThings going to continue to carry the Arduino Shield?

Yup, but they’re going to be out of stock for a while. Hopefully no more than a month or so.

Good to hear i was a little worried they were going to can the shield as it seems to be a high consumer of tech support.

Hello, any updated ETA on the shield’s availability?

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I need a few more of these as well, I am reversing a Harbor Breeze fan remote to control about 5 house fans and want to have the arduino handle the dip switch settings and the smartthing commands. I hope it comes back up soon, or I may just have to look at do the smartthings part another way.

I heard from our shipping team that we have more on order, so hopefully soon!

We’re working on stocking them very soon.

Would you mind filling out this form?

I’m trying to keep track of which developers want a ThingShield.

Any updates in when its going to be available again?


Still sold out?

I have bought several in the last year. Must be out of stock again. I would email support for an ETA if you need one.