Who wants an Arduino ThingShield?

These have been sold out for a while now. I am gauging interest on this thread. Please reply with what you want to build and I will make sure to get one of these in your hands soon.


Link doesn’t work and regular store still says sold out :frowning:

My bad… I was mistaken. I lobbied for you guys on this. We will get more soon I promise.

What a tease. :wink:
I’d love to 433mhz me some outlets!

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I heard from our team in DC that we are going to have over 100 in stock in 7-10 days.

Stay tuned!

I would like one!!! I have been waiting for them and other things to be available.

I guess for one would be to have a couple inputs and outputs. To hook up the doorbell, to have a couple outputs so that I can arm and disarm my security system through it’s wireless key fob.

That shot reminds me of a Fan Controller project I hacked together with an Arduino at one point:

I don’t have any immediate need for an Arduino ThingShield at the moment though… just reminiscing. :smile:

You should allow folks to order even if sold out, that way you may have some idea of the demand, and it wouldn’t be such a mad rush when they do come in.
in the 6 months or so since I’ve been watching, they haven’t stayed in stock for more than a day or two tops…
I want another two just so I have them in stock…

I’m holding off on building my garage door controller with the spare one I do have as I’m worried they may be discontinued…

I agree with @Mike_Maxwell, I just want to have a couple of spares for miscellaneous projects that come up.

I posted in another thread for a new user that this would be perfect for him to use the existing wired sensors form an ancient alarm system and get it on ST. I offered to help him set it up if he could get one of these.

On another note, what about building support (providing libraries and examples) for the XBee modules?



Or just partner with spark core and let them handle the demand.

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I want to control some vent-miser vents. I already have all of the parts aside from the thing shields.

You tease, I’ve been wanting one for awhile always sold out.

Want to build IR blaster, Door bell notifier, use for wired contact sensors, motor controllers. All kinds of fun stuff could be done with them.

Maybe do a group buy for the people who have been waiting and offer it at a discounted price?

Window operator for a casement window (crank style).

Grand scheme is to integrate with my heat pump thermostat (well, after I replace my zone control board so I can use the Carrier Cor connected thermostats) and be able to close windows in a zone if the AC is on there (or vice versa).
That vision is a ways off, but hacking up the operator/controller would be a fun prerequisite.

Looking to control RGB lights in a room with motion sensor and environment data (temp, humidity) Basically combine multiple products into one system.

I also want to do the Arduino Sprinkler controller from [quote=“d8adrvn, post:1, topic:3076”]
Smarter Irrigation Controller

I’ve been planning to order one at some point, I hadn’t realized they’ve not been available. One idea I’ve had is a weather display/light control panel for my daughter.

I need a couple to connect existing (wired) door and motion sensors from an old security system that is no longer in use. Please let us put in orders even when they are sold out, then charge us and ship when available.

Hey Joe, do you already have an Arduino sketch and groovy app to control RGB lights, or are you planning to develop one?

I was looking at “The Smart Room Controller (formerly SmartKitchen) Originally published 9/10/2013 by @dome” as a start point. @dome developed an RGB sketch that will also use a simple IR RGB Remote to change the colors and respond to different events.

As soon as the Arduino Shields become available I will try my hand at interfacing what I have with ST. right now everything is on the arduino in ALPHA stage using serial commands from a second arduino to mimic the ST Shield.

I have not tackled the groovy code yet.

Need something to hook in my hardwired security sensors.