Smartthings shield buying options

Hi Folks,

I’m just learning and stepping into the home automation.

And read a couple of articles so far on the forum, So one thing i wanted to check is regarding the Smarthing Sheild which getting pointed in these articles and i can’t see where to buy it from.

So Can someone please point me out where we can find this buy … or if not should we build it ourself using arduino ?

Please suggest … any advices, Really appreciate your help folks !!!

Unfortunately, smartthings has discontinued the device about a month ago.

You can put a wanted post in the deals section and see if anyone has one they can sell you.

But otherwise they’re gone. :disappointed_relieved:

There’s a discussion of alternatives in the following thread:

Contact customer service. They told me that they are gauging interest in hopes of maybe bringing them back. If not petition them to release the design and firmware and we can have them made (batch order or something)

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