How do i do this?

i have some flood lights coming on when you open the door so that i can walk the dogs. i want the lights to go off after 5 min+/-. what can i use to do this? smartlights seems like it will only do door open on door closed off.

i forgot to add i cant use a motion sensor plants and wind keep setting it off

no smart lighting also does this… see the following rule.

there is an option once you select turn off when closed
after x number of minutes…

I assume when you go out you don’t leave the door open so if you set that it will turn off after you go out after 5 etc. minutes.

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its this rule i need to leave off since the door rarely gets closed back.
i really just want open on then off after x min

SmartThings has an app that can do this.

It is called “Smart Light Timer” which uses a 5 minute delay off after the door is opened.

In the phone app go to the Marketplace tab and the bottom right of your screen. The select the SmartApps option near the top right. Find Lights and Switches listing and select. Scroll down the list until you see “Smart Light Timer”. There you can install app and fill our your selected option. You can skip entering in a motion detector and go straight to the Select Contacts option. It default to a 5 minute off, but you have option to modify. Finally select the floodlights and select done.

The only Issue I foresee is having the light come on during the day for 5 minutes. That would require using modes, creating a custom app or using one of the rule apps to accomplish that.


sweet thanks I will look now

exactly what I was looking for thank you

You can assist set up two rules. The first turns on the lights when the door opens.

The second uses power allowance. It turns the lights of after x minutes. Not sure why it’s called power allowance.