5 minutes then off

Hi guys,

I that possible to turn on light when opening a door then turn off after 5 min even though the door its still open ?


Yes, I think there is a smartapp in the ide that could do this, away from the computer using a tablet right now. So unable to look it up

You can accomplish this with a combination of two of the Lights & Switches actions:

  • First, use the “Turn on when a door or window is open” app to turn on the light, but DON’T enable the “Turn off when it closes” option.
  • Second, use the “Turn off after a period of time” app to turn the light off after 5 minutes.

Both of these are found in the Lights & Switches segment of the dashboard, behind the “Gear” icon. You may have to add/import your light to the L&S dashboard first.

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@storageanarchy they really need to pay you for all the help you give the community you know.

'Tis just a hobby, and it’s so fun to share.

Just please don’t let my wife know - she still thinks the house is possessed by magical unicorns :smile:

(She actually gets aggravated when the garage door doesn’t open “magically” and she actually has to manually push the Homelink button in her car to get in the house :smiley:

Speaking of which - anybody have an innovative idea on how to use Homelink to send a command to SmartThings?

Funny how this works. My wife was of the same opinion initially: “Why do we need this? I just don’t see the advantage…” But after a few months we all sort of become accustom to the conveniences we have, don’t we? Just yesterday she was complaining that the side door didn’t automatically unlock for me when she came home and she had to turn the key like some sort of barbarian! :smile:

I think my kids are going to be hit VERY hard when they move out in 8-13 years. Who know though… maybe by then having an home automation system will be as regular as having air conditioning or cable/satellite TV? Heck, it wasn’t that long ago when cellphone were a luxuary item that only the rich and powerful had. Now if you don’t have one people look at you weird.

@chrisb I have to admit, that I am spoiled now as well. The few times that things do not work as intended, I do get a little upset. (SMILE).

Let us hope that the SmartHome will be the thing of the future.